Educational Resources

WELCOME! our Waste Not Educational Resources for Students and Teachers.

Waste Not is a powerful tool for education about the growing problem of waste and for initiating a discussion about the circulation of 'stuff'.

To support the film, we have developed a set of curriculum-matched student and teacher resources, each accompanied by a set of short videos (conveniently combined into a corresponding set of YouTube playlists) to set the scene for each of the study guides.

Study Guides (Junior & Senior Secondary age groups) and corresponding Teacher Notes are available for the following subject areas:
The Arts

Study Guides introduce the waste issue to students in an practical and engaging manner, encouraging students to think critically and analytically about the growing problem of post-consumer waste. The guides provide learning ideas to be undertaken by the individual student, class groups and / or involving the wider school community. Each guide is supported with tailored video content relevant to the subject matter, with a diverse range of voices hailing from across the waste sector

Our Study Guides and Teacher Notes are available for download by clicking HERE.

Waste Not: Mash It Up!

Inspire your students about the future with Waste Not's exciting waste-free, sustainable way of living, by creating Mash Up Trashion Fashion and a Mash Up Kitchen in your own school.

Meet awesome role models and influencers such as internationally acclaimed fashionista and plastic activist Marina Debris, OzHarvest CEO Ronni Kahn, and green kitchen chefette Mimi.

Waste Not: Mash It Up! shows high school students how to mount their own fashion show, and produce their own cooking webisodes, with the goal of competing at the annual Sydney Olympic Park Youth Eco Summit.