Judges, Mentors and Prizes

Our Judges

Bradley Waters

Our Mentors

In 2019 we scoured the fashion world for innovators who have made their mark with the sheer ingenuity of their craft and the elegance of their messages. Grace Lillian Lee has become internationally renowned for the way she has integrated her indigenous heritage into living sculptures that adorn the body, while Paul Castro is a world class couturier completely dedicated to eliminating waste from his own design practice and passing on his knowledge to emerging talent.

Inspirational artists like Paul and Grace, and Angela van Boxtel and Pirra Griffiths, who were also with us in 2018, prove that with the power of our imaginations we can save the planet.

2019 Prizes

The prizes were donated by Replas, Zoggs Australia, Billy Blue Design School, Allerton Swimwear, and Reverse Garbage.