The Impact of Our Mentors

Paul Castro with Nepean Students

Throughout the process our  inspirational WASTE NOT Trashion mentors, chosen from the frontier of sustainable fashion, have provided advice and shared new skills – including sculptor Grace Lillian Lee and designer Paul Castro in 2019. Artist Angela Van Boxtel and swimsuit designer Pirra Griffiths, were both mentors in 2018 and 2019, with Pirra Griffiths now a permanent member of the Mash It Up! Management Committee.

After the success of their transformational collections, Nepean CAPA banned plastic straws and coffee cup lids, and installed more recycling bins. Teachers, parents and students have become enthusiastic recyclers with textile donations pouring in for the new collection this year. 

This is the whole point of Mash It Up! The medium really is the message. We can’t wait to shake up the fashion industry with the showcase of our student’s trashion couture collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2020. 

Why not enquire now about enrolling your school to participate in our WASTE NOT Trashion Competition at the Youth Eco Summit, in 2021?