COMING SOON – the Sequel – Waste Not – Mash It Up!

We are excited to announce the forthcoming sequel to TEC’s acclaimed and multi-award winning Waste Not documentary film – Waste Not – Mash It Up!

The sequel builds on the original film’s investigation of how our societies will transition to a greener fairer world by including inspirational interviews with scientists, chefs, gardeners, recyclers and environmentalists.

The film also has a reality strand which follows the efforts of several schools involved in the Mash Up pilot education project as the students spend several months planning and producing two online activist segments based on events they create – a cooking show and a ‘Trashion’ couture show – designed to highlight the challenges and solutions to sustainable consumption.

The film climaxes with the school groups competing to present their projects – having filmed, produced and submitted their online segments – to the Sydney Olympic Park’s annual Youth Eco Summit (YES, attended by hundreds of students each year –

The finalists will present their projects to a panel of YES judges drawn from the fashion and food industries, with sponsorship and prizes for the winning projects. The film will also cover the way these projects will then be used to create online spin offs using diverse creative interactive technologies.

Investors keen to support this project are invited to contribute via the Documentary Australia Foundation website:—mash-up

To keep up to date with the project and other Waste Not activities, visit our Educational Resources page and submit your details, indicating that ‘YES’, you would like to receive more information.

For more information, please contact Ruth Hessey, Communications Director, TEC –