Teens create a Cooler Future

Webisodes in Details

Documenting the Journey in Six Parts

Our students’ collages, drawings, photos, and videos are used to create film and education resources.


Meet the next generation of consumers as they begin to question their impact on the planet. When it comes to food and fashion, what about the waste behind their choices? What of food miles, land fill, plastic marine debris, ocean garbage patches?


As a new vision for a waste free society becomes clearer, wild and wonderful artists, costume designers, hair stylists, recyclers, fashionistas, and environmentalists visit and inspire our students to catwalk across the cutting edge of food and fashion.


Everything becomes a resource – from cigarette butts to cling wrap. How will they stage and promote their trashion parades? What messages and ideas will be communicated with the set, lighting, program and posters, soundscape and trashion couture?


Planning and putting their show together, the teams divide into groups: hat and garment makers, event producers, communications, graphics, video music and audio, presenters, models and artists.


Staging the event at school, our students reveal their wild and wonderful creations to teachers, families, supportive local businesses and media. They make a video of the event to upload to YouTube. Who will win the Mash It Up! Award for most hits and views?!


The big reveal! After a trial run at home base, the students present their journey at the Youth Eco Summit. They stage their Trashion Parades in front of their peers, mentors, industry experts and mainstream media. WOW! Who will win the Best Messaging, and Most Resourceful awards?

Future Resources

Developing the Mash It Up! Message

PHASE 1 2018
proof of concept

  • We started small in 2018, working with two schools to test the project, analyse the impacts, and consult with our inspiring teachers, mentors and partners. Attracting over $100,000 in support, we are excited to continue the journey in 2019.
  • By making the project a competition, we attract aspirational teachers and students keen to make their mark. The pilot schools compete to win the Best Messaging, Most Resourceful and Best Trashion awards.
  •  The huge potential for new careers opening up as Australia develops a circular economy is illustrated by the inspirational artists and designers who visit our schools.
  • Using YouTube to share their trashion parades on social media, our Trashionistas take their message to a potentially world wide audience.
  • We create a documentary film record of the student’s journey along with interviews with inspirational mentors, teachers and students, resulting in a short documentary film and webisodes for the Waste Not website

PHASE 11 2019 - 22
going mainstream

  • In January 2019 the Hawkesbury Regional Art Gallery mounts an exhibition of Nepean CAPA high schools’ winning trashion couture.

  • March 2019 Mash It Up! begins to work with the Australian Fashion Council and inspirational local brands committed to sustainability.

  • July 2020 Mash It Up! engages with the international talent agency IMG to create an installation showcasing our trashionistas at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia May 2020!

  • In 2020 we introduce an internship and work experience model to the project, connecting students to businesses and creative enterprises flourishing in the circular economy.

  • In 2021 we create the Mash It Up! Green Kitchen for WASTE NOT – inviting aspiring high school chefs and stylists to create a planet friendly cooking segment showcasing Performance Boosting Snacks, Mum’s Night Off, Mates For Pizza, and Impress Your Date menus using Waste Not principals. Load it to YouTube and your high school team could reach the finals at the Youth Eco Summit 2022!