Grace Lillian Lee

Designer - Mentor - Curator - Artist

A unique mix of European, Asian and Torres Strait Islander ancestry, there is no one
in the world like Grace Lillian Lee! Her sinuous playful work has evolved from
traditional weaving methods using grass into complex full body sculptures worn for
performance and runway and collected as art by major galleries and institutions.
We first discovered Grace at the Sherman Centre for Culture & Ideas’ annual
Fashion Hub 2019.  The Cairns-based artist generously agreed to squeeze some
workshops with our schools between appointments in Darwin, Kunnunurra and

Grace’s sunny disposition and lively imagination were an immediate hit during her
visit to Nepean CAPA. She gave a weaving workshop which left everyone’s fingers
smarting and inspired us with her personal journey – from feeling lost at school to
working with big brand fashion retailers where she quickly became disillusioned.

Now an Honours graduate from RMIT, Grace gave her first TEDx talk at James Cook
University in 2017, and travels throughout Australia giving workshops and creating
fashion performances with diverse communities and artists.

After exposure to some of the student’s climate and recycling initiatives, she
announced “I’m a convert to the Waste Not cause!”