Paul Castro


Paul Castro is a designer whose fashion experience spans his native Ecuador,
Canada, and The Bahamas. Since 2005, he has made Australia his home, pursuing a
Masters of Fashion (Design) at RMIT in Melbourne where he now teaches.

We were truly honoured to bring Paul into the Mash It Up! circle of creativity and
passion for the planet. His gentle manner and quick brain made it easy for students
at Nepean to talk over their sketches and concepts with him. With their teachers
they’d already studied Paul’s award wining signature collection Amassment.

It was an exciting day, but students were stunned by some of the facts Paul shared
about the impact of fast fashion on the planet. There was silence as he revealed that
of the 80 billion garments made every year, one third are worn, one third go on sale,
and the other third are never worn – they are burned or dumped in landfill. It’s
equivalent to the amount of food the average Australian throws out each week – 1
out of every 3 bags.

It was probably the ingenuity of Paul’s craftsmanship that most impressed. Here is
a designer determined to break the life cycle of deadstock garments and reinsert
them into the commercial environment, by adding value through design. By
deconstructing shirts and jeans that would have ended up burned or in landfill, and
reimagining them, Paul captures the essence of Mashing It Up! for the next

“I felt very privileged to be part of this project. Your students are lucky to have
such wonderful and passionate teachers!” Paul Castro