Host a Screening

Host a screening with your community, friends or colleagues. It is a great way of engaging people and raising awareness and facilitating discussion about waste, the way it effects our environment and what each of us can do about it.

The full license screening fee will contribute to waste related campaigns run by Total Environment Center.

To support your screening, we will provide you with
• DVD of the movie and its extension Waste Not Evolution
• Digital copy of the movie trailer
• Photographs, posters and other artwork you can use to promote your screening
• Screening organisational timeline that will help you prepare for the event
• Guide for discussion with your audience
• We will also list your screening on our website and social media

Before you register your screening, read the below checklist.

Make sure you located a suitable venue with appropriate technical equipment for your event. It can be anywhere depending on the expected size of your audience (Venue possibilities: your home, campus, cinema, theatre, community centre, church, café, pub, school gym, library etc.). Plan ahead so you have enough time for preparation.


We suggest the preparation including advertising of your event should be 8 to 12 weeks. You need to allow enough time for your advertising to reach people. 


Organising your event will most likely incure costs. To recover this cost you can charge a small entry fee to the screening event, sell beverages, or encourage donations for the food and drinks served at your event if the food is rescued. 


Reach to your friends, colleagues, local organisations or other communities for support. It is always better to work on a bigger event in a team. 


If you are ready, fill in the form on the right and we will be in touch shortly to organise your package to be sent to you!

Register your intended screening below. We will be in touch soon.

Organisation type
IndividualBusinessCinemaSchoolUniversityNGOGovernment BodyCommunity groupOther

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Are you interested to invite the filmmakers to speak? YesNo

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