Host a Screening

At 26 minutes, with an inspirational message and upbeat ending, a Waste Not screening is the perfect way to allay anxiety and build resilience when so many of our challenges seem overwhelming. Together we can solve the waste and pollution crisis, and the threat to our wildlife and ecosystems. Waste Not shows you how. Total Environment Centre has been fighting to preserve our ecosystems for over 40 years! Your license screening fee contributes to our vital campaigns and messaging.

To support your screening, we will provide

  • DVD of the original Waste Not film . The sequel, Mash It Up! is coming soon!
  • Digital copy of the film trailer + artwork to promote your screening
  • A discussion guide to prompt your audience

Before you register your screening, read this checklist.


Locate a suitable venue with appropriate technical equipment – your local council, library, campus, cinema, theatre, community centre, church, café, pub, school or gym! 


Plan ahead so you have enough time to promote your screening to local media and your networks. Pre publicity should start 8 to 12 weeks before the date. Use social media to build awareness. Ring the local radio station. Call the What’s On editor of your local paper. Tell all your friends!


You can charge a small entry fee to your screening, sell beverages, or encourage donations for food and drinks served. Why not try some Rescued Catering?


If you are ready, fill in the form on the right and we will be in touch shortly to organise your Waste Not kit.

Register your intended screening below. We will be in touch soon.