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How to Compost without a Composter

The compost revolution has been rolled out by local governments couple of years ago, educating us about the importance of composting our food scraps and reusing our own compost in our garden. For those who do not want a composter or do not have a garden, worm farms kept on balconies are great alternative. But what if you live in an apartment with no balcony and there is simply no space to keep even a small worm farm?

The Share Waste online app is here to help. The online world map allows anyone with a composter in their garden to join the database. Households with no¬†access to a composting site can look up the nearest composter to them and connect with the owner to add their food scraps to the load. The website has been around for about a year and has a growing number of participants all around the world. Why not join them to divert food waste from landfill and meet like-minded neighbours around your areas, improving the soil and cutting down on carbon emissions from food waste – it’s a win-win-win-win-win…!