What is Trashion?

Trashion is a fun way to use art to create awareness, wrapping serious messaging in an arresting collection of consumer waste creations. Our project brings local artists into schools to show how they find, handle, and shape these materials, transforming them from waste into something amazing. Clothes and accessories are created from used e-waste, discarded textiles, packaging, and plastic debris to make fashion statements which really mean something!

Our Project

In 2020 WASTE NOT Trashion is back! 

Of course our installation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in May was cancelled due to Covid-19. But the good news is that this year’s student collections will be showcased on the Department of Education website. 

Since 2018 we have worked with selected Sydney high schools to address the problems of waste, pollution and raging apocalypse-anxiety, by engaging teenagers in the creation of Trashion for a waste-free world. And that wlll not change.

This year our student trashion collections will be streamed live in Mid-November during the Youth Eco Summit at Sydney Olympic Park. Videos, stills and study guides will remain available on the Department website for the ensuing 12 months.

As in previous years the student teams will work for 3 months to create a collection of trashion couture solely from waste materials. They will also develop a multi-media communications strategy to create trashion statements that mean something. This generation will save the planet!

Each school will still compete for prizes such as Best Messaging and Most Resourceful. But this year the student teams will present their Trashion Couture online, with a virtual panel of judges awarding a new range of prizes provided by our generous sponsors.  

Throughout the process our  inspirational WASTE NOT mentors, chosen from the frontier of sustainable fashion and the arts, have provided advice and shared new skills. They include sculptor Grace Lillian Lee and designer Paul Castro in 2019. Artist Angela Van Boxtel and swimsuit designer Pirra Griffiths, were both mentors in 2018 and 2019, with Pirra Griffiths now a permanent member of the WASTE NOT Trashion Management Committee.

After the success of their transformational collections, participating schools have banned plastic straws and coffee cup lids, and installed more recycling bins. Teachers, parents and students have become enthusiastic recyclers with textile donations pouring in for the new collection this year.

Why not enroll your school to compete in the third year of our Trashion Competition at the Youth Eco Summit, in mid-November 2020?

What Do We Provide To Schools?

  • DVD of the original multi-award winning documentary film – WASTE NOT
  • A timeline for the projects culminating in participation at Youth Eco Summit in early September at Sydney Olympic Park with panels of sports, fashion and food industry luminaries giving feedback in breakout sessions. https://www.sydneyolympicpark.com.au/Education/Events/Youth-Eco-Summit-Secondary-Schools
  • Study guides with activities, research ideas, links and a film screening list
  • Workshops for How to Fashion Trashion from paper, plastic and food waste, electronic waste, pre-loved textiles, with artists such as Angela van Boxtel, swim wear designer Pirra Griffiths, set designer Imogen Ross, activist Marina Debris, avant garde hair stylist Shaun McGrath etc
  • One Storytelling Workshop for Documenting their Project using phones, stills and video cameras and social media
  • Access to our mentors and brand allies
  • Collaboration with a professional documentary film team