We’re inspiring highs school students to create a waste free world with Mash It Up! The sequel to the original WASTE NOT film.  

Mash It Up is creating a whole new generation of “conscious consumers”. It’s driving culture change in high school staff and class rooms. And giving students the collaborative and communications skills to take their message to the world.

Recycling isn’t about which bin you put your rubbish in. It’s about seeing the world in a whole new way – waste isn’t garbage, it’s gold!

Mash It Up is an educational documentary film project that explores a new creative and inspirational way to live!

Quotes from
Judges, Mentors and Teachers

Save the Planet!

How will Gen Z navigate to a greener fairer world?

The next generation knows the planet is in trouble so we created a competition for Australian high school teenagers and their teachers to foster creative problem solving. Each year competing schools create a stunning parade of Trashion Couture and targeted messaging to showcase at the annual Youth Eco Summit at Sydney Olympic Park. The project bonds their teams, develops critical awareness and communictions skills and gives them hope that change is in their hands.
Our Mash It Up! Trashionistas will be documented in the sequel to the original WASTE NOT film, using their own footage, drawings and designs as well as the Waste Not team’s observational documentary footage and interviews with inspirational mentors.

“TEC is thrilled to be working with a generation of students who are so media savvy, information hungry, and optimistic!”
- Ruth Hessey, Project Director ​​