Navigating to a
Waste Free Future

Harnessing the Power of
Youth to Truth

Plenty of Australian teenagers have made it big via their own YouTube channels, some attracting millions of subscribers with vlogs about makeup, music, cupcakes and pranks.

Digital media is a potent messaging tool.

But what if the next generation takes charge of this vital tool? Instead of following the model and flogging stuff, what if they use it to talk back to the corporations which have bombarded them with aspirational advertising since they were born?

What if we create a new generation of eco-warriors using digital media to make fashion statements that mean something? They might even save the planet!

Mash It Up! is designed to create conscious consumers through the trashion experience. While they’re having fun, it teaches teenagers to look at waste as a resource, and reappraise the world around them. By staging their projects at school and documenting them as multi-media events, our Trashionistas create digital assets that can be used to promote their schools, their message and their creativity.

The experience changes class and staff room culture, embedding recycling as a creative way to live life. It creates strong bonds between the teams of makers, designers, models, and documentarians. It promotes collaboration, critical analysis, and thoughtful messaging.

These empowering communications skills will travel with our students far beyond the trashion catwalk.

In 2020 we’ll create a prize for Best Trashion Video, giving the schools and their communities the chance to get behind their trashionistas with likes and views.

We’ve also been invited to showcase for the Mash It Up! trashion couture collections and on-line resources, videos and learning activities at Mercedes-Benz fashion Week 2020.

In 2021 we’ll add Mash It Up! Kitchen, a project for aspiring high school chefs to create a planet friendly waste free YouTube cooking show.