What is Mash Up Trashion?

  • Trashion is a fun way to use art to create awareness, wrapping serious messaging in an arresting collection of consumer waste creations. Our project brings local artists into schools to show how they find, handle, and shape these materials, transforming them from waste into something amazing.

  • Clothes and accessories are created from used e-waste, packaging, and plastic debris to make fashion statements which really mean something!

Our Pilot Project

In 2018 our pilot project is working with the teachers and students at two specially selected high schools to explore waste in the two industries teenagers are most obsessed with – fashion and food.

Mash It Up! teaches teenagers to look at waste and see potential resources. It also illustrates how digital media and communications tools can be used to change the world.

Just as their favourite brands refine their marketing strategies to reach their consumers, the next generation can now use the same tools to talk back to the big brands.

Armed with the experience of making videos, using props and sets, creating artwork for posters and programs, contacting the media with press releases and digital assets, our Trashionistas are becoming empowered to take their message to the world.

They are learning to analyse their favourite brands, research supply chains, and discover better ways of doing things by re-using and even eliminating waste at school and at home.

This year we have introduced the students to some awesome mentors, including the artist Angela Van Boxtel, famous for her regenerated knitware and crochet; swimwear designer and fashion lecturer Pirra Griffiths; and resourceful set and costume designer Imogen Ross.

We can’t wait to see the result of the many hours of collecting, re-thinking and transforming the waste they’ve found around their schools and communities which will culminate in their trashion parades at the Youth Eco Summit on September 4th 2018.

The medium is the message!


Our Pilot Schools


Can’t wait to see Nepean Creative’s  Trashion Couture Collection: Street Warriors In the War Against Waste. The teachers and students are creating a 3-D spectacular for the catwalk. 


We’re thrilled by Engadine’s Trashion Couture Collection: A Dumpster Wedding For The Wasted World. They’ve attacked the challenge with relish – and acres of plastic waste!

Engadine High School


The journey from awareness to creative solutions






Prep and Plan


School Event


Showcast at YES

Our Mentors

  1. Clare Press – Vogue Editor, author Wardrobe Crisis. www.clarepress.com/about
  2. Dr Gene Sherman – Executive Director the Sherman Centre for Culture and Ideas, (The Powerhouse curates a collection from Dr Sherman’s famous wardrobe). www.scci.org.au
  3. Shaun McGrath – internationally acclaimed hair stylist famous for working with recycled materials from spoons and foil to hair and lips tick. wiggery.com.au
  4. Imogen Ross – sustainable costume designer, set designer and beeswax food wraps producer
  5. Marina Debris – acclaimed plastic debris artist and activist. www.washedup.us
  6. Paul Frasca – director www.SustainableSalons.org
  7. Pirra Griffiths – regenerated swimwear designer, fashion lecturer UTS. https://allerton.com.au/pages/about-allerton-swimwear
  8. Paul Castro – internationally acclaimed and award winning designer, speciaslises in thoughtful sustainable fashion, notably the Amassment Collection. www.paulcastro.com.au
  9. Courtney Holm – director of ABCH, Courteney is a young designer who makes completely compostible clothes. www.abch.world
  10. Jane Gillings – to be confirmed.
  11. Bianca Spender – Australian Fashion Designer – to be confirmed.
Paul Castro
Shaun McGrath
Jane Gillings