What is Mash Up Trashion?

  • Our two high school teams will create a stunning showcase for waste awareness and recyclable materials with youthful creative energy inspired by artists like Marine Debris and Shaun McGrath working at the frontier of outraged fashion.
  • Clothes and accessories will be created from used paper products, food waste and packaging, e-waste and plastic debris to make fashion statements which really mean something.


  • AT HOME: our two school teams will mount their Trashion Parade at school to their local community – dividing into smaller teams to create the clothes, props, promotional materials, sets and music, styling and programs.
  • AT YOUTH ECO SUMMIT (YES): flushed with success our teams will prepare to present the story of their journey, and then mount their Trashion parades at the Youth Eco Summit on September 4th.


MAY – Research  |  JUNE – Inspire  |  JULY – Prep & Plan  |  AUGUST – School Event  |  SEPTEMBER – Showcase at YES


Our Mentors

  1. Clare Press – Vogue Editor, author Wardrobe Crisis
  2. Dr Gene Sherman – Executive Director the Sherman Centre for Culture and Ideas (The Powerhouse curates a collection from Dr Sherman’s famous wardrobe)
  3. Shaun McGrath – internationally acclaimed hair stylist famous for working with recycled materials from spoons and foil to hair and lips tick.
  4. Imogen Ross – sustainable costume designer, set designer and beeswax food wraps producer.
  5. Marina Debris – acclaimed plastic debris artist and activist.
  6. Paul Frasca – Director of Sustainable Salons.
  7. Pirra Griffiths – regenerated swimwear designer & fashion lecturer at UTS.
  8. Paul Castro – internationally acclaimed and award winning designer, specialises in thoughtful sustainable fashion, notably the Amassment Collection.
  9. Courtney Holm – director of ABCH, Courtney is a young designer who makes completely compostable clothes.

Participating Schools


Trashion based on waste in the hair and beauty industry – foil, hair, microbeads, safety pins


Exploring food waste, food packaging using eggshells, cling wrap and other containers