WELCOME! our acclaimed Waste Not Educational Resources for Students and Teachers.

Waste Not is a powerful tool designed to educate the next generation about the global issue of waste and introduce them to the amazing solutions already coming on line.

Optimistic and inspirational, the Waste Not story dives into garbage and comes out with gold, presenting facts while embracing innovation.

These FREE downloadable study guides each come with a free clip from the film and have been carefully curriculum-matched for students and their teachers. Designed to be creative and engaging, they contain hundreds of ideas for use in the class room, at home and in the school community.

Learning activities for both junior and senior secondary age groups and corresponding Teacher Notes are available for the following subject areas:
The Arts

The Waste Not Study Guides encourage students to think critically and analytically about post-consumer waste and introduce a fascinating range of voices from across the waste sector - including an inner city chef, gardeners, waste workers, garbage truck drivers, a dumpster diver, and environmentalists and scientists.

Our Study Guides and Teacher Notes are available for download by clicking HERE.


Waste Not: Mash It Up!

Our new project will inspire your students to create a waste-free future at the same time as they learn the critical 21st century communications skills to become active consumers, by creating Mash It Up! Trashion projects and competing at the annual Youth Eco Summit at Sydney Olympic Park.

By entering the competition in 2019 your school will have access to a range of digital resources as well as a film screening program, and awesome role models and influencers such as internationally acclaimed fashionista and plastic activist Marina Debris, OzHarvest CEO Ronni Kahn, and other change makers.

Waste Not: Mash It Up! is in proof of concept stage in 2018, with two participating pilot project schools already preparing their Trashion Couture to parade at the annual Youth Eco Summit on September 4th 2018, in front of their peers and our select jury of recycling and fashion specialists.