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WASTE NOT is an award winning (26min) documentary film about the beauty of garbage. It shows who keeps our big cities clean and sparkling, and where our garbage goes, who sorts it for you, and what it is worth if it isn't just tossed into the landfill. It's easier and cheaper to retrieve gold from old computers for instance than to dig it up. Organics can be used to create fertiliser and green electricity and yet each Australian sends half a tonne of food waste to landfill each year.

WASTE NOT is also about the future and transformation. How a simple thing like recycling could reconfigure our whole society. On a planet with finite resources, zero waste could be the key to our survival. It’s about fascinating people, clever solutions, and the fact that waste is not garbage, it's gold.

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“WASTE NOT is an incredibly important film. It makes the invisible visible.”

Annie Leonard Filmmaker and environmentalist, Story of Stuff

“WASTE NOT is not a romance or a thriller, but this film has a powerful message!”

Sarah Clarke ABC TV Environment Reporter

“It’s the first environment film I’ve seen that didn’t send me running into the street screaming – we are all going to die!”

Carla Khoo Manager of Environmental Communications and Engagement, NAB


Waste Not is a powerful tool for education about waste and initiating a discussion about the circulation of stuff. The learning experience can be supported by our curriculum matched study guides and short movie clips that support the study guide activities.

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Inspire your students about the future with Waste Not’s exciting waste-free, sustainable way of living, by creating Mash Up Trashion Fashion and a Mash Up Kitchen in your own school.

Meet awesome role models and influencers such as internationally acclaimed fashionista and plastic activist Marina Debris, OzHarvest CEO Ronni Kahn, and green kitchen chefette Mimi.

Waste Not: Mash It Up! shows high school students how to mount their own fashion show, and produce their own cooking webisodes, with the goal of competing at the annual Sydney Olympic Park Youth Eco Summit.

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