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ABOUT waste not

About the Original Film

Before The War On Waste there was WASTE NOT! We made our multi-award winning documentary film about the beauty of garbage to show who keeps our big cities sparkling, and where our garbage goes, who sorts it for you, and what it’s worth if it isn’t just tossed into landfill.
Optimistic and inspirational in its description of a waste free world and how to get there, the original Waste Not documentary film has now screened in 30 countries around the world, on Qantas, and the Australia Network, and it’s been translated into 4 other languages (Mandarin, Indonesian, Spanish, Turkish). It toured South America with the World Bank Film Festival 2 years running, and has been used for staff engagement by corporations (The NAB, Fujitsu), and local councils. 
WASTE NOT has also proven a popular educational tool, along with our excellent online resources funded by the Pratt and Myer foundations, used by schools, TAFEs and universities all over Australia.
WASTE NOT is about the future and how a simple thing like recycling could transform our economy, and our whole society. On a planet with finite resources, zero waste could be the key to our survival.
WASTE NOT is about fascinating people, clever solutions, and the fact that waste is not garbage, it’s gold


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"WASTE NOT is an incredibly important film. It makes the invisible visible."

Annie Leonard, Filmmaker and Environmentalist, Story of Stuff

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